When COVID hit the country-Yemen, which has the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis

Mohammed Alsabri MD,M.B.B.S,FISQUA,ALEF , Brandon Nightingale, Mody Amin

Yemen left in shambles and is almost completely destroyed. The aftermath of the war was devastating, let alone the spread of the CoronaVirus. The people there are left to fend for themselves and face many problems such as hunger, an ongoing war, infections, diseases, lack of equipment and most recently the CoronaVirus. All together a humanitarian crisis. Only around 50% of the hospitals and the facilities are in fully working conditions, even at that rate, the conditions of those hospitals are nowhere near their full potential and need the necessary equipment and money.

Keywords: Yemen,COVID-19,war,humintrian crisis

For downloading and reading the full study, you can click on the following link: A Critical Views

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