The Democratic Ideal

The Democratic Ideal

Dr.Moosa Elayah

The democratic ideal is essentially a moral concept and should be approached by means which are themselves democratic. The essential value of democracy, therefore, lies in the means that we adopt, the way in which we pursue our personal development and our social progress in the governance of our country, and in fact, in every aspect of our life, individual and collective. The vital force which preserves and develops this democratic life is the force of freedom. Self-government is the foundation of the democratic society

Nevertheless, freedom, to be effective, has to be moralised. Every freedom carries with it a corresponding responsibility in the individual himself and others, which makes freedom itself amenable to social control. Conversely, society carries with its power the corresponding responsibility to equip every individual with the means to make the freedom effective for the purpose for which it is held. This inter-action between the freedom and the responsibility of the individual on the one hand and the power and the responsibility of society the very delicate and difficult problem of striking a balance between the two. Every democratic country must define this freedom in a series of concrete rights, suitable to the needs of the community, and protect them by an adequate system of law

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