Team Work

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Dr. Moosa Elayah, Director General and Head of the Center, Professor of International Development, Peacebuilding and Specialist in Governance, NGOs, Digital Governments and Crisis Management, for more information, you can open the CV

Dr. Moosa Elayah, First Founder CV

Dr. Blikis Abu Osba, Professor of Governance and Gender, Vice President of the Center, for more information, you can open the CV

Dr. Bilks Abu Osba CV

Han Blom, Planning, Management and Evaluation of Projects and Programs Unit Officer, with a background in planning, management and finance, see his CV for more information.

Drs. Han Blom CV

Matilda Fenttiman, General Secretary and Director of Projects and Programs, specializes in the governance and building the capacity of the philanthropic sectors at national and international levels.

Ms. Matilda Fenttiman