Diaspora Transnational Politics: Peace Contributors or Spoilers? Yemen; a case study

Reem Mousad AlForassy

This paper focuses on more specifically those active on social and classical media. The researcher attempts to explore the function of diaspora media on development and peace initiatives. She tries to answer two main questions after setting the theoretical framework. The first question is, what are the chances of Yemeni 2011 diaspora mainly, journalists, lawyers, human rights advocates, former politicians “active on media” …etc, to contribute to peace processes? Second, what is the nature of their contribution?

Importance of this paper lies in the fact,as Lyons (2004) pointed out, “research on conflict-generated diasporas and their roles in homeland conflicts is new and more cases studies need to be conducted.”   This attempt to understand this role is the first on Yemen. Due to limitation of time and space, results of this research though nongeneralizable still reflects the general nature of this role.

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