Asylum and famine: ‘death of the world’s conscience’ in Yemen

Asylum and famine: ‘death of the world’s conscience’ in Yemen

Dr.Moosa Elayah

Today’s world faces many difficulties coming from poor societies, which suffer from conflicts, wars, and crises in governance as a result of the corruption of their ruling networks or rather their ruling gangs. Among these global dilemmas, we find a dark picture of the refugee profile as a result of the refugees’ influx from the conflicting countries, especially from the MENA, to the West. Most of the Western countries work daily and seriously to secure their borders and to prevent the flow of refugees to their homelands. According to the UN data, the number of refugees who have left their homes is about 65.3 million. In addition, 21.3 million people are currently registered to leave their countries to avoid conflicts and wars. Also, there are about 244 million immigrants at the global level and about 750 million internally displaced immigrants in all countries of the world. If we collect the numbers of immigrants and refugees, we will find about one Billion immigrants and refugees from about seven billion people the size of the world’s inhabitants today. This means that one person among seven persons in the world is forced to suffer from immigration or asylum

The Yemeni dilemma is different from the international dilemmas regarding the issue of asylum. The Yemeni society is currently placed in a large prison. There is no way for Yemenis to cross the Yemeni borders. The sea is a barrier in the South and West and from the East and the North, there is a strong barbed wire (Saudi and Omani borders). Yemen is suffering from a real humanitarian dilemma. Due to the lack of refugees’ influx from this country, the international media does not talk about the conflict in Yemen, and we rarely find a news story in some of the international newspapers covering the Yemeni tragedy, we can find the news on page number 20 in some of the European or international newspapers. Is the world community waiting for the death of children and women at the border ports of the EU to force the Yemeni conflicting gangs to engage in comprehensive peace negotiations at one table, involving all regional and international parties, which caused the Yemeni conflict

According to the UN figures, there are about three million people in Yemen suffering from famine, about seven million in food emergencies (7.2 million) and about eight million suffering from acute food crisis (7.8) Million). There are six million children sleeping hungry (6 million). The numbers are frightening in all respects, about 80% of the total population in Yemen in a fight with life. It can be said that there are about four million internally displaced refugees, as a result of both internal conflicts and external attacks, along with about 180.000 Yemeni refugees abroad placed in different countries of the world.

Every day we hear about the UN’s announcements of sending relief and food items to Yemen, we heard about Billions of dollars are spent on overcoming the humanitarian crisis in Yemen that we have no idea about. There is a need for a global and regional action and, rather, by an internal check to monitor the UN actions in Yemen and to help people who are suffering from the famine

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