A multidimensional approach to restoring state legitimacy in Yemen

A multidimensional approach to restoring state legitimacy in Yemen

By: Peter Salisbury

This report  established under the auspices of the International Growth center

The pursuit of legitimate governance in post-conflict state-building is fraught due to its subjectivity, normativity and complexity. Despite this, legitimacy is widely recognised as foundational to the establishment of peaceful and stable political orders. The roots of Yemen’s civil war can be traced in part to a crisis of legitimacy, making the realisation of a legitimate governance all the more pertinent to its peace process. Focusing on the essential role of legitimacy in paving the path beyond Yemen’s fragility, this Fragility Commission report argues for a new, multidimensional approach to legitimacy that embraces complexity. This approach has its origins in the people of Yemen, as opposed to the international community. The realisation of a legitimate political order requires not only the technical realisation of legitimacy, but perceived legitimacy, most importantly internally but also internationally.

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