A Critical Views on NGOs from Different Perspectives

BY: Nada Alyafei, Leena Althani & Moosa Elayah

This report specifically targets the article whose main purpose is analyzing nongovernmental actions with regards to power, knowledge, and ethics. It generally looks at two strands of literature that are fully applicable to the NGOs. The first looks at “against NGOs” and the second is a critical perspective on their actions. The later stages of the article analyze the critical perspective of the study of Non-governmental Organizations.

It is without a doubt that Non-governmental Organizations have grown exponentially over the last 5 decades in terms of their influence in the society, their size, and scope. NGOs have more influence, bigger and better than they were a couple of years ago due to their increased demand for filling the gap that most governments have exposed in the public. NGOs have become very important to the extent that they have been able to establish international development ends (Brown, 2002). They have also been regarded as crucial in the sense that they have accomplished most Millennium Development Goals. In general, since the beginning of NGOs in 1945, they have been able to meet social needs through the different roles that they play in the society; more people are trusting NGOs more than ever.

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